KJ Paul and Brooke Cooley orginized The Singing Soup Slut Stands Against Sit/Lie event for the Stand Against Sit/Lie action day.

Singing Soup Slut Stand

John Coté did a really nice piece for the San Francisco Chronicle and Brooke is the primary face in the pictures!

KJ Paul used his Car-E-Oke power system for 4 solid uninterrupted hours of off the grid karaoke! The Sidewalk karaoke was a huge success and there is more to come!


The Club 6 karaoke night is now even better with 2 for 1 karaoke happy hour from 9pm to 11pm. You heard that right, come sing karaoke at Club 6 between 9pm and 11pm and get two drinks for the price of one! The karaoke starts at 9pm and goes until 2am, so get there early and drink up for half price!

Rocking the karaoke at Club 6

Join the Facebook Club 6 karaoke fan club group.


Starting 3/24/2010 at 8pm there will be karaoke at El Rio. Yes, it is on! It will be amazing! Karaoke every Wednesday night at one on the best SF Mission District bars. The staff is way into it and it will be a fabulous night.

El Rio logo

The karaoke will be set up in the front room where the bar, shuffle board and pool table are and there will usually be shows in the back room as well. The karaoke will always be free and if there is a fee for the other show they would collect for that at the back door.

El Rio is a neighborhood bar with a heck of a lot to offer. They have two indoor spaces and an outdoor patio with heaters a pool table and a shuffle board. We do live (big band and acoustic) and dj music, film and art showings, comedy, drag, spoken word, jams, burlesque, fundraisers to no end and now karaoke on Wednesdays!

Eileen will be the new host at Maggie McGarry’s for the time being, so that night will more than likely continue with Eileen as the host.

Car-E-Oke car magnet

Sample Car-E-Oke car magnet

Car-E-Oke is a mobile party that is run from on vehicle that runs the karaoke an broadcasts it using an FM broadcaster so any vehicle with a car stereo in range can tune in.

Car-E-Oke can be further enhance by displaying the karaoke text in the control vehicle using a monitor or a projector and allowing people in other vehicle to sing using wireless mics. I have tried it using a cellphone call in, but the feedback loop causes some technical complexities. Any FM radio within range can, however, tune in and listen which can make getting stuck in traffic a lot of fun.

A Car-E-Oke party can also end up at a location where the vehicle(s) park, open the doors and use the combined output of the car stereos as the sound system for the karaoke bar.


Karaoke now at Club 6 every Monday, 7 to Midnight!

The Biggest, Baddest Karaoke stage in the west is happening at Club 6 – 60 Sixth Street between Market and Mission in San Francisco half a block from the Powell St. BART.

This will be a SF Karaoke Mafia event featuring KJPaul, Roger Niner (Epic Karaoke), Eileen (PunkRock’N’Schlock) and the Godfather of the SF Karaoke Mafia himself, Mr. Glenny Kravitz.

Club 6 SF Karaoke Flier

Club 6 All Star SF Karaoke Mafia Mondays 7-Midnight

KJ Paul Club 6 karaoke page


Beauty School Dropout

Scott singing Beauty School Dropout…


My Shure SM58 was starting to fade. It has been to Burning Man three times and has had many hundreds of hours of abuse. So I wanted to try a high end stage mic and wound up choosing the Sennheiser e935 and I was blown away!

I run 4 karaoke nights a week, so my mics get at least 24 hours a week of active stage time every week. The singers range from amazing to…well, it’s karaoke and some people know how to use a mic, but many mumble or sing with the mic too far from their mouth. I try to do the best I can for them and this mic makes a HUGE difference.

Like the e835, the e935 is much more sensitive than the SM58, yet offers amazing feedback resistance. It allows me to turn the gain up or down to meet the singers level way better than the SM58 does, which is huge for karaoke where the mic handling is not always optimal. Then it goes from a rumbling low to falsetto like butter and makes even the e835 sound flat. The sound is more rich than hot and it just sounds good.

Yes it is a lot more expensive, but I am never going back!


Text Ginger Snap and she’ll come walking! Girlz done too many drag shows this week to run.


There will be a special karaoke night this Thursday (Nov. 5, 2009) starting at 7:30pm. The TechKaraokeSF will be there. Come early and sing a bunch of songs!

This video was filmed at the karaoke night last Tuesday:


I think I have a new favorite song to sing…

Sexbomb sexbomb youre my sexbomb sexbomb
You can give it to me when I need to come along
Sexbomb sexbomb yourre my sexbomb
And baby you can turn me on

Paul & Jaydee singing Sexbomb