KJ Paul will be hosting karaoke at El Rio tonight and the line up is insane…Karaoke, Lube wrestling and White Chicken Chilly!

The karaoke in the front room is totally off the hook see photos in this group! The karaoke is free.

There will be white chicken chilly in the back yard courtesy of the @SFsouplady.

There will be Queer Girl Lube Wrestling in the back room.

Jumping while singing at El Rio

El Rio karaoke craziness! Go ahead and jump, may as well jump...air guitar jamming in the background!

Here is the El Rio calendar from elriosf.com for tonight:

Totally Fabulous Happy Hour 5pm – 9pm:
Well and Pints for $3; Bloody Mary Pints $5; You STELLA and GUINNESS fans should bring it on cause we are not messing around…

OMG! Karoake no$- front room:
Gay men in uniform, tutu’d dogs and little ladies with guns- Karoake ElRio Style!!!! 8p till we get tired.

Queer Girl Lube Wrestling- Benefit SF AIDS Foundation:
Queer girls lube wrestling will be the main feature, and a raffle in the back room!


KJPaul scored the ultimate air guitar while strolling down Valentia Street Sunday April 25th while on the way to Dolores Park. There were a bunch of sidewalk sales happening on Valentia Street that day, mostly cloths, books and knickknacks, but the corner of 21st and Valencia was the ultimate prize; a Jaminator!

The Jaminator is a late 80′s version of Guitar Hero a little before its time. It is the ultimate Air Guitar. It lets you play lead guitar riffs on top of well-known songs. There are cartridges that store songs and riffs in ROM; each cartridge contains five songs, a few digitized instruments, and dozens of riffs. The riffs are selected by holding down a fret button with your left hand and tapping one of the string buttons with your right hand. It will then play a lead guitar riff that is harmonious with the selected song. There are also drum pads and a small keyboard if you want to spread your talents around.

It makes an amazingly beautiful air guitar. It feels amazing in your hands and is just down right fun to play.

Patrick holding the Jaminator Ultimate Air Guitor
Patrick Malony holding the Ultimate Air Guitar, the Jaminator at a Dalva Karaoke Bar night!

You can see more photos of the Jaminator in action in the KJPaul jaming on the Jaminator blog post on the SF KJ Paul Karaoke blog.

I had a sneaky suspicion that there was some link between Atari games and the Jaminator. One of the many clues was the phone jack sync. Low and behold, one Google search later and the proof was found! Worlds of Wonder or WoW, the creator of the Jamintor was a founded by former Atari employees!

Jaminator Atari Game clue
Jaminator Atari Game phone jack sync clue

The Jaminator also make the ultimate air saxophone and the girls will go crazy when you play it!

Jaminator as an air saxophone
Results of playing the Jaminator as a karaoke air saxophone!

And if you decide that you absolutely need a Jaminator of your very own, you can buy one online for a mere £120- at Jaminator.com.


Kestrin Pantera and Jonathan Charles Grubb, founders of the RVIP Lounge & Karaoke were married amongst family, friends and plenty of fanfare, first in Carmel and then again at Flora Grubb Gardens, in San Francisco, April 2-3, 2010.

Kestrin and Jonathan originally met when Kestrin pulled up with her car at Burning Man and saw KJPaul setting up his karaoke bicycle. Kestrin later did a 7 hour karaoke cruise on the karaoke bicycle singing acapella for hours after the computer battery died. Kestrin and Johnathan formally started dating several karaoke parties later and now the are married! The wedding was covered by the New York Times. Here is the New York Times article.

Kestrin and Jonathan wedding at Flora Grubb Gardens
Kestrin and Jonathan wedding at Flora Grubb Gardens


KJ Paul hosted karaoke on the {RV}IP Lounge at the SWSX in Austin March 12-16, 2010 and the event was picked up by the Wall Street Journal. Although you can’t see KJ Paul in the video, he is the one who set up the sound and was running the show. The {RV}IP Lounge is an amazing experience and SWSX was a huge success. Here is the article in the WSJ.com.

Singing karaoke in the RVIP Lounge

Singing in the {RV}IP Lounge at SWSX 2010