My Shure SM58 was starting to fade. It has been to Burning Man three times and has had many hundreds of hours of abuse. So I wanted to try a high end stage mic and wound up choosing the Sennheiser e935 and I was blown away!

I run 4 karaoke nights a week, so my mics get at least 24 hours a week of active stage time every week. The singers range from amazing to…well, it’s karaoke and some people know how to use a mic, but many mumble or sing with the mic too far from their mouth. I try to do the best I can for them and this mic makes a HUGE difference.

Like the e835, the e935 is much more sensitive than the SM58, yet offers amazing feedback resistance. It allows me to turn the gain up or down to meet the singers level way better than the SM58 does, which is huge for karaoke where the mic handling is not always optimal. Then it goes from a rumbling low to falsetto like butter and makes even the e835 sound flat. The sound is more rich than hot and it just sounds good.

Yes it is a lot more expensive, but I am never going back!