KJPaul.com has been updated

I updated KJPaul.com with more karaoke venues and expanded the karaoke calendar. It now lists all of the venues where either Glenn or I host karaoke as well as a few others that I like.

The calendar is also more complete with at least one karaoke event for every night of the week. It even list the current day at the top of the list.

I will add more landing pages for the various karaoke nights as time permits. I would like it to be a complete goto site for finding out where to go for karaoke in San Francisco.

This blog, on the other hand, will have news and tidbits about karaoke, mostly in San Francisco.  Let me know if you have any comments about the site and how I can improve on it….and if you want to stay up to date, subscribe to the RSS feed:).


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