Wednesday night karaoke the singers can really hear themselves. Here is an example that I filmed from the stage where a guy is singing the Marty Robbins version of El Paso. This was filmed from my digital camera with no mixing or any kind of enhancement…so it is only 1/10th of the actual experience!

Note how the sound stays constantly amazing as I walk with the camera from the floor (as the audience hears it) to the stage (as the singer hears it).

This video is of Scott from the SF Karaoke Mafia club singing Beauty School Dropout from Grease. He is singing from the floor in front of the house speakers and the sound is excellent both on stage and off stage. The acoustics are great so I can typically avoid feedback problems even in cases like this.

I think I can safely claim that the karaoke Wednesday is one of the best sounding karaoke nights in San Francisco, especially when you consider both the audience and the singer experiences.